See how Weta Workshop made Ghost In The Shell's incredible thermoptic suit!

Go behind the scenes of the upcoming film Ghost in the Shell, staring Scarlett Johansson as the main character the Major, and see how Weta Workshop created the thermoptic suit that Scarlett will wear in the film.

In a new episode of "Tested", Adam Savage talks to Weta Workshop’s costume technician Flo Foxworthy about the stunning details of the silicon suit and the process that was used to create it. The thermoptic suit is a staple of the anime series that lets the main character become invisible.
"We go behind the scenes at Weta Workshop to learn how their costume fabricators made the unique silicone "Thermoptic" suit that Scarlett Johansson wears in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell. With Tested contributor Danica wearing the costume, Adam Savage chats with costume technician Flo Foxworthy about the design and challenge of making this skin-toned practical suit!"
This suit is a masterpiece. Once again, Weta Workshop does it again!

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Source: YouTube - Tested


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